Friday, December 24, 2010

Eggnog Cheesecake

Eggnog by itself, as a drink, is a fairly divisive substance. On one side is the majority vocal "eeewww" crowd and the smaller, but passionate "best thing ever" camp. My family falls pretty squarely in the second group; we love nothing better than a glass of eggnog, big or small, spiked or not, before or after meals.
Turning eggnog into baked goods gains it a bigger audience; I've made eggnog scones, eggnog cinnamon rolls, and when I saw Sunset Magazine's recipe for Eggnog Cheesecake, I knew it would be the perfect thing to bake for my daughter A.L.E.'s fiance, K., who was visiting our home during the Christmas holidays and who loves cheesecake.

n.o.e.'s notes:
- You can find the recipe here
- I made a half recipe into a mini cheesecake in a 6 inch springform pan.
- Rather than the graham cracker crust in the recipe, I substituted gingersnaps for a little spicy bite.
- This cheesecake uses a fair amount of nutmeg, so a microplane comes in very handy to grate the fresh nutmeg.
- I skipped the whipped cream on top.
the verdict:
This was a lovely, creamy cheesecake with a mild nutmeg-y eggnog flavor. K. enjoyed "his" cheesecake and generously let us help him polish it off!


cocoa and coconut said...

This looks so lush. What a unique recipe this is. Merry Christmas! And thanks for sharing.

Kayte said...

K has lots in store for his future with eating at your table! This looks very pretty, and festive also on that cute little plate. Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Unknown said...

I'm sure K appreciated your efforts on this cheesecake - it looks so good! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family Nancy :)

TeaLady said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Eggnog cheesecake. Be still my heart.

I am definitely in the 'best ever' with the eggnog group.

On my list, Nancy, on my list.

Unknown said...

You have no idea how much I want that cheese cake! I have been craving cheesecake!