Friday, November 7, 2008

Mac n Cheese for the masses

I have a small breather now, in which I plan to:
1. take a nap
2. bake kugelhopf for this week's TWD
If I had sense, I'd take the nap while the dough was rising, but I'm just too tired.

One thing that was keeping me busy:
Cooking macaroni and cheese for 20, for a party at my house last evening.
I used my recipe (which I posted at the end of this post)
I tripled the recipe, which I prepared in two batches.

My rule:
Whenever I make mac n cheese, I have to make a pan to give away. This time I made some with gluten free pasta to give to my good friend and neighbor who is having an extremely stressful time right now.

The best part:
There was so much other good food (which I did not have to cook) that I ended up with lots of leftovers. Some for the freezer and more to give away!

Night, night...


Cathy said...

Now that is some serious mac n cheese! I didn't realize that you updated your recent mac n cheese post to include your famous recipe -- great! I really need a go-to mac n cheese that the kids will eat, but that isn't too boring for adults, and yours really looks like just the ticket. When you say that you combine 2% and evaporated skim, do you do 50/50, or just whatever you feel like doing?

Hope your kugelhopf went well! I made the rice pudding today, and it ended up more like a rice smoothie. Tastes good, though.

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Cathy, the milk combination, like the cheese combination, completely varies with my mood. There's plenty of fat in all that cheese, so I tend to go heavy on skim in the milk department. So, 1 can of evaporated skim, and fill in the rest with a combination of whatever milk you have around, with an emphasis on low fat. I use half skim and half 2% (that's what's in our fridge usually, unless I've been baking kugelhopf, and then there's whole milk...) I'm on the second rise now.

Anonymous said...

I promised my husband that I would make homemade mac and cheese for Thanksgiving, it is definitely the best comfort food. That was really sweet of you to give some to your neighbor :).