Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is your quest???

As I previously posted, the "best" CCC is a hot question in the baking world right now. We are on a mission to see if any of the contenders can top our old stand-by cookies, which are the perfect combination of large, chewy, soft and crispy, PLUS, loaded with chocolate (I've updated the previous post to include our recipe). In the course of necessary cookie internet surfing I came across an interesting article about the little changes in a recipe that cause CCCs to come out soft, chewy, cake-like, crisp, crunchy, or spread-out.

Today my daughter j.d. baked a copycat recipe of the famous Levain Bakery CCCs (which won the Bobby Flay Throw Down), with a few of her own touches and the dough tasted amazing. She scooped out a generous amount of dough to make big cookies and they cooked up puffy and fat, but spread very little.

The Verdict:
The cookies were really good, but IMO they don't match the perfection of our regular recipe. I like a cookie that is flat and gooey in the center and slightly crisp at the outer edges. These were too puffy and cake-like for my taste.

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