Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Bean Drama!

Mollie Katzen (author of the Moosewood Cookbook and others) was featured on NPR in the run-up to Thanksgiving. The story was titled "Making Those Thanksgiving Green Beans Exciting", and I lucked upon it while I was driving. Mollie talked about two different recipes; one of them, Dramatically Seared Green Beans with Garlic and Chile, made it to the final round of our Thanksgiving recipe selection, but ultimately lost out. The recipe continued to intrigue me, and I've cooked them recently.

cook's notes:

- This is a simple, straightforward recipe.

- You can control how tender or crunchy to cook the beans, and can also control the spiciness by adding more, or less, pepper flakes.

the verdict:

These were a huge hit! Not only was the recipe delicious as written, I love the technique of cooking the beans on the stovetop in a skillet over high heat. I'm already thinking of lots of different flavors could be added (tomatoes, citrus, herbs, etc) to beans prepared with this method.

Very quick, very pretty and very tasty.


Cristine said...

Those beans look delicious!

Cathy said...

I love how we can always count on NPR for the kind of in-depth news and green bean analysis that we crave. These look great! But the big question is -- these, or the orange/shallot ones, for Christmas dinner?

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Yep, NPR tackles the big questions of the day: what are the world headlines, and what on earth should I cook!

Cathy, I'd say cook whichever one goes with the rest of the menu. My guess is that the orange/shallot would round out a typical Christmas dinner more than a garlic/red pepper flakes flavoring. And maybe please more tastebuds.

That being said, just speaking of green beans qua green beans, I think I prefer these - the cooking method is just so cool, and they taste so fresh. Somehow I don't think that helped very much...