Monday, September 1, 2008

Pizza time

This week daughter J.D.E. departed, after spending a summer at home. To distract myself from how much I miss her (sniff sniff), I got busy using the ingredients that she left behind in my kitchen.

I found a recipe for pizza with arugula and goat cheese on that would use the Whole Foods pizza crust and the tub of crumbled goat cheese that were in my fridge.

I used pesto from the freezer and seasoned the goat cheese with red pepper flakes and a handful of herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary) from the garden.

It was easier to make two separate pizzas, especially since my husband wanted tons of sliced onions on his. Once the pizza is cooked, I piled some arugula on top. It was an unusual pizza combination (pesto, goat cheese and arugula) but I liked the way the flavors combined. My husband wasn't so crazy about the finished product, and said it tasted like some salad thrown on a weird assortment of tastes.


Matt said...

This sounds so appealing to me right now! I haven't had pizza, especially homemade gourmet pizza, in a while. What is it about pizzas that make me slightly weak at the knees?

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Thanks, Matt. These photos were so crummy that I almost didn't post this, but the pizza was really tasty (and I'd already posted once this week without pictures!) I've enjoyed your blog - especially all the yummy looking healthy recipes you've been uncovering.