Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dimply Cake, redux

Did I say how much we liked Dorie Greenspan's Dimply Plum Cake? :D

I thought it prudent to bake this cake again while I could still find fresh stone fruit at the market. Publix had very cute "Dinosaur Egg" pluots, so I picked up some for the dimply cake. I'd actually never heard of pluots before joining TWD (some people used them for the Summer Fruit Galette). These apricot/plum hybrids were absolutely delicious - a bit more intense in flavor than a plum, perfect for the hearty, rustic way I bake this cake, with lots of dark brown sugar and whole wheat flour.

Cooking notes:

I made 2/3 recipe again, but there were a few differences-

- I replaced the oil with half olive oil and half nonfat Greek yogurt

- I used orange zest with the cardamom (as specified in the recipe)

- The pluots were bigger than plums, so I cut them in fat wedges and angled them, with most of the skin side down. They cooked nicely.

The Verdict:

The cake is still delicious the third time around! The pluots were fabulous, maybe even better than the plums, and definitely surpassing the peaches. I didn't like the orange zest as much as the lemon, but my husband liked it better. I will be interested in trying lime zest sometime because I love limes.

{update, October 16, 2008: Yes, we love this cake. I made it again with pluots and lime zest and here it is - below - in all its glory!}

{update, Oct 28, 2008:
I've officially made this too many times to count; we love it for breakfast and I've been making it as long as I can find nice stone fruit in the grocery store. Here's how I've settled on making the cake:
1/3 AP flour, 1/3 white whole wheat, and 1/3 regular whole wheat
1/2 light brown, 1/2 dark brown sugar
for the oil: 1/2 plain yogurt, 1/2 extra light flavor olive oil
lime zest
I stir the sugar in with the dry ingredients

This is the only time that the fruit got "jammy" and it was fantastic }


AmyRuth said...

Simply Dimply... its really beautiful. I really liked the flavor of the cake batter with the fruit. Thanks for stopping by and ... your canine family is adorable. I'm sure they are happy to be on the job! : )

Bungalow Barbara said...

Your Pluot cake is lovely!