Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leek Bread Pudding

Once I received my copy of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home, I couldn't resist dipping in and trying a recipe. And then a couple more. I was dying to taste the Leek Bread Pudding so much that I actually prepared it for Thanksgiving dinner in place of dressing! Luckily nobody left the table in protest. In fact, it was so popular, I wanted to make sure to post it in time for you to plan to make it yourself over the holidays.

n.o.e.'s notes:

- You can find the recipe for the Leek Bread Pudding at several online souces, including here.

- The recipe calls for brioche or pullman loaf bread. I baked up some Dan Lepard Milk Loaf in the original - all white flour - version for just the second time in all the many many times I've baked the bread.

- Keller gives instructions for emulsifying the butter while sauteeing the leeks. My butter "broke" repeatedly and I had to re-emulsify it about 6 times

- One of Keller's favorite techniques is to make a parchment cover for saute pan - basically a circle with a hole cut in the middle. It allows a simmering dish to vent but not dry out.

- The chives and thyme were from my herb garden.

- When it came time to bake the bread pudding, I used a "convect" setting on my oven, and the custard was set in half the time specified.

- This recipe can be served hot, room temperature, or anywhere in between.

- I was very tempted to add some sauteed wild mushrooms, and think that they would be a great addition.

the verdict:

This dish was a big hit with just about everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. I think people mostly forgave the lack of dressing/stuffing. The pudding is tender and delectable and has a lovely flavor from the leeks and herbs. It's quite rich, as would be expected with so much butter, cream, and cheese. I might reduce the cream and increase the milk next time around; I don't think it would be missed.

My husband was not the biggest fan of the bread pudding, though, because it reminded him too much of quiche (not his favorite). And being that it is a custard with cheese, he has a point. Oh well, that meant that I had to finish it by myself! Although the edges of the bread cubes weren't as crisp, the pudding was very good re-warmed.

The leek bread pudding would be a great dish at Christmas dinner, to accompany any type of roast meat or fowl. With the significant quantities of eggs and cheese, however, it's also substantial enough to stand on its own.

I'm submitting this post to Yeastspotting, a superb weekly compendium of yeasted baked goods and dishes made with bread.


TeaLady said...

Interesting. Looks delicious.

When I think of bread pudding, I think sweet. But. Shrooms would be tasty.

dharmagirl said...

mmm. looks good! i don't know if i have the patience for all of the fussy chef steps--i should really give it a try sometime, though:)

Di said...

I'm not overly fond of custardy things, but I absolutely love leeks, so I might actually try this one! I think mushrooms would be a fabulous addition, especially if you're going to serve this on its own.

mike said...

Leeks, the forgotten vegetables. I wouldn't turn up my nose (or mouth) at this at all. Sounds wonderful - even in place of stuffing (so common, don't you think?) :)
Even better with your own herbs (mine are frozen within the ground)! I'll put this on my list for Christmas dinner!

Jessica said...

This looks so delicious. I think this recipe was published in the Washington Post, and then I saw Keller make it on the Martha Stewart show, too. Each time I come across this recipe it sounds so tasty. I'm very happy to know that it will live up to my expectations. Anything that's good enough to replace dressing on the Thanksgiving table has to be good! This book is on my Christmas list -- I hope I get it.

NKP said...

Yum, that looks absolutely delicious! I must put this book on my wishlist.. and by wishlist, I mean I have 5 and they span about a dozen pages..

Maria said...

I love a good savory bread pudding. This one looks fantastic!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

His recipes really always seem outstanding! This one sounds like I just know I would love.

Unknown said...

I don't think I've ever had a savory bread pudding but I did see Keller make it on Martha Stewart and was intrigued. I'm not sure it would go over here though so I'll have to make a very scaled back version for myself!

Leslie said...

I thought this sounded great when you tweeted about it, and the photo does not disappoint! I know there are stuffing diehards, but I'd be thrilled to have this at Thanksgiving!

Kayte said...

This looks delicious and sounds good, too, which is odd as I do not like soggy bread things. This one doesn't look soggy. Sounds interesting, may have to give a small version a try and see how it goes. That little parchment trick is right out of LCB...I just love learning stuff like that!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I would like a savory bread pudding. I'm willing to try it because it's a thomas kellar recipe. I do love leeks.

Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Wow, yum!

Laura said...

mmmm... Loks so yummy!

Joanne said...

Mmmm I love a good bread pudding, especially a savory one. Sounds fantastic!