Sunday, August 3, 2008

The CCC Quest, Round 2

Since starting our search for the greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (see Round 1 here), we've been accumulating more and more (and more) recipes to try. Looks like there are a lot of CCCs in our future!

Although the NYT article started the Quest, we haven't yet made the NYT recipe (we haven't had bread flour on hand). So for the second round we whipped up a batch from Dorie Greenspan's recipe (you can find it in Dorie's book Baking From My Home to Yours, page 68, or online here). We were fresh out of chocolate chips, so we chopped some Callebaut semisweet chocolate into chunks. My daughter j.d. and I made these, and she wasn't going to wait 1 hour for the dough to chill, much less 36 hours (a la the NYT article), so we baked them right away.

The cookies started on the baking sheet as ball-shaped scoops, but once in the oven they radically spread out. We used the wonderful photos in the King Arthur food blog to test for done-ness (we like our CCCs soft in the middle).

The Verdict:
I like a flat chocolate chip cookie, but Dorie's cookies were too flat. The taste was good, actually quite good, but it didn't match the subtle perfection of flavor of our standby recipe (I posted the recipe previously).

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Anne said...

The exact same thing happened to me. Have you found the perfect cookie yet? I'll admit, I'm in love with the Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookie, haha!