Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cod with Leeks and Tomatoes

Last week when I was at the market I picked up a lovely piece of cod. I knew I wanted to prepare it with herbs and tomatoes, and found this quick recipe in my Everyday Food cookbook.

n.o.e.'s notes:

- Although lemon + fish are a great combination, I didn't want the lemon to dominte the vegetables, so I cut it a bit (we could always add lemon juice at the table). I used no lemon zest and about half the lemon juice.

- I chopped a fresh tomato instead of using cherry tomatoes.

- The leeks had roasted in the oven for 10 minutes before I realized that I'd forgotten the thyme, so I added thyme and tomatoes and roasted for 3 additional minutes before adding the cod. The whole dish roasted for about 15 minutes more before the fish tested done.

- I sprinkled on fresh oregano and flat leaf parsley before serving

the verdict:

This was a fabulous light and tasty dish for summer (as long as you don't mind heating your oven to 450 degrees!) Crusty ciabiatta - yes, storebought - and spinach salad rounded out the delicious meal. I will be making this simple, healthy, and flavorful dish again!


Audrey said...

I'm definitely putting this on my fish list (with the ciabatta, and the spinach salad!) I haven't read Everyday Food very often, but I keep seeing their recipes posted and people like them! So maybe I should add it to my list as well. :)

Unknown said...

I got distracted when you said ciabatta.....yum! But seriously, the fish looks amazing. Everyday Food has great recipes - simple and delicious.

Cathy said...

This looks wonderful - I am going to have to keep my eyes out for cod - it's one of my favorites. Love 15 minute dinners! And I'll always love store-bought ciabatta, even though I can make my own once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon you'll have your own homemade ciabatta. :P

Your dish looks colorful!

Kayte said...

When I come to visit, I want this meal...the whole thing. This looks so good, beautiful, and healthy!

Anonymous said...
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