Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ultimate Chicken Salad

Last week I had a bunch of shredded cooked chicken and I needed a recipe, so I turned to Tyler Florence and his Ultimate Chicken Salad Sandwich. Tyler layered his sandwiches with sliced apples and cranberry sauce (and brie cheese) on top of the chicken salad. I was planning to serve my chicken salad on a bed of greens rather than as a sandwich, so I adapted the recipe accordingly.

n.o.e.'s notes:

- I liked Tyler's idea of pairing the chicken with sweet/tart fruit, so I put the apples and cranberries right into the chicken salad, which made a sort of hybrid waldorf/chicken salad. The apple was straight from my farm box, so I don't even know what kind it was, other than yummy!

- I substituted Greek yogurt for half of the mayonnaise.

- The dressing had a surprising (to me) ingredient: olive oil was stirred in with the mayonnaise (and yogurt). I'm a huge fan of olive oil, so I was glad to see it there.

- To me there was a pronounced flavor of mustard in the dressing (I'm not the world's biggest mustard fan), but when combined with the chicken, fruit and nuts it settled down nicely.

the verdict:

We totally enjoyed our chicken salad dinner plate. There was a nice combination of tastes and textures, and we were quite happy to have the leftovers a couple of nights later!

I'm submitting this post to Tyler Florence Fridays. Check out the roundup on Friday and see what folks are cooking up from Tyler's recipes.


Valerie said...

Lots of goodies packed into one salad. Yum!

Audrey said...

I love chicken salad, and this one looks delicious, and perfect for sumumn or autmer, or whatever this season is we're in right now
(80 today, 65 tomorrow...) I've been reading up on kinds of apples a little, so I'm looking forward to scouting out some new ones to taste.

Jessica said...

I love chicken salad, especially with fruit mixed in, and this looks absolutely delicious. I can't wait to try this out!

Di said...

That sounds really good. I seldom eat chicken salad; not sure why. I bet the apple made a nice contrast to the chicken in the salad.

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Deb in Hawaii said...

It does look like the ultimate chicken salad! Yum!

NKP said...

What a great combination of flavours. The apples and cranberries make it so perfect for fall.

Kayte said...

This looks so good...I wish I had this for lunch right now. Is it lunchtime yet? Oh, it doesn't matter, I would eat this for breakfast! We are big lovers of Chicken Salad, must try this one soon.

Kim said...

I think this deserves the "ultimate" title! This looks and sounds delicious. The idea of using brie in a chicken salad sandwich sounds great too! Very pretty salad!!

Arlene Delloro said...

I definitely like your version better! Looks lovely, too.

Jenny said...

I like your changes, even for a sandwich as you are less likely to loose the apple when you take a bite.
Thanks for the heads up about the mustard.

Unknown said...

Definitely a unique way to enjoy chicken salad! I would love it with the brie and cranberry sauce...I might have to stick to the original!

Leslie said...

That salad looks incredible! Your farm baskets sound so good. This would make a fabulous last minute meal.

Pamela said...

I remember seeing the episode where Tyler made that amazing sandwich. Your version of the salad sounds wonderful and look delicious.

Unknown said...

I adore chicken salad and I think it's best when there is fruit in it. I really enjoy it with red grapes but apples and cranberries sound great too! While catching up on your blog, I've found so many great recipes to try! :)