Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Pinishers: family wedding photo display

Last week, for the Pinisher theme "Adventures" I featured my daughter's barn wedding reception, specifically how we decorated the barn entrance.  This week the Pinisher theme is "Family" and, sure enough, I can fit the wedding into that theme too.

Dorian, the inventer of the Pinisher link-up says in her host post that we are free to post about "things we did a few weeks ago." Let's see: it's been 85 weeks since the wedding.  I say it's close enough.  Seems just like yesterday!

On to the pin.  We wanted to display wedding photos of the bride and groom's parents and grandparents.  As I was browsing around Pinterest I pinned this clothespin + string method of hanging photos:

We decided to do our own rustic version.

I gathered the photos and asked the groom's parents to do the same.  I actually ordered the twine and the clothespins from Amazon (got my free shipping's worth of my Prime membership).  I found the weathered blue board stashed in a dark corner of the barn.  The table held the seating assignments and the wedding favors (wooden apple bottle openers woodburned with the bride & groom's initials)

Up until minutes before the wedding began the photos from our side of the family were missing.  The groom's side came through - wedding photos of his parents and his maternal and paternal grandparents were hanging from their respective clothespins.  But ours were stuck in farmhouse and I was running around busy with other matters.  The photos were missing when the photographer took photos of the barn just before the wedding:

(our photographer was Jessica Claire who took the photo up top, and above and below)

The situation was looking a little dire, but I finally was able to fish out the photos and hand them off to my nephew who tore down the lane to the barn in our rented golf cart and hung them just as I had ordered asked.  Didn't he do a great job?

Everyone loved seeing the family weddings pinned up at the entrance to the reception.
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Abby said...

What a great idea! Such a beautiful display and I love the idea of having all of the parent/grandparent photos there.

Rebecca said...

Love it. It's a beautiful--and appropriately rustic--way to display those photos. A beautiful touch.